A company focused on building a culture of service and caring.

While WTH is known for creating a suite of powerful, people friendly software, we don't see that as our primary focus. Rather, we look at ourselves as consultants who provide support to our customers using our knowledge, skills and experience. We also create software products but we view them as tools to be used in the consultative process.

To provide GIS solutions to empower local government.

WTH is a strong believer in and supporter of local government. Those who serve their communities in this way are some of the finest people we know. We strive to provide products and services that help local government officials and employees make a difference for their citizens.

WTH Timeline


In The Beginning

The Company is established as a civil engineering firm by Warren T. Hobson. The firm provides civil engineering services such as small bridge design and bridge inspections to County and Municipal Clients for 30 years.



New Ownership

The firm is purchased by Rex E. Jones and renamed WTH Engineering, Inc. Building on its past success the Company continues to work with its civil engineering clients while expanding into related technology services.


A New Future

WTH Technology, Inc. is formed as a separate corporation whose purpose is to develop and provide GIS products and services. The Company acquires City Map and begins development of a new version of mapping software.



Half Century of Success

The Company celebrates 50 years in businesss and still serves many of the same communities. Focusing completely on GIS Technology products and services Think GIS Software adds licensed user number 10,000.


Still Going Strong

WTH continues to serve over 15,000 licensed users in over 1,400 customer agencies in over 150 Counties. The incredible loyalty of our customers results in a retention rate of over 98% with many having been with WTH for over 15 years continuously.


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